Smart Saving

Our low frequency setting uses smart technology to keep your unit using only the power it needs. By not turning on and off, your utility bills are cut in more than half.

23 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

This shows us how efficient our equipment uses energy.

For example, 13 SEER is considered very good efficiency. Reaching a level of 16 SEER was quite an achievement, but through the application of new technologies our equipment has achieved 20 SEER and higher.

INVERTER technology

When the room reaches a set number, the unit starts to work in a low frequency. The compressor does not need to stop and re-start and it saves more energy and less damage to the compressor.

Maximum Savings

When the weather is extreme and we want immediate comfort, the system automatically modulates power temporarily from 100% to 120% output capacity, quickly reaching ideal room temperature.

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