Mirage Minisplits

Units with great ability and greater use of air volume to achieve the optimum temperature in less time.

Smart Savings

Reduce your utility bills and increase savings by 60-70% percent compared to regular units in the market.

4 Plus Quality System

Maximum Savings, Absolute Comfort, Lowest Noise Levels and High Security, besides the latest technological advancements in HVAC.

Ductless Mini Split

Ductless systems need a small unit on your wall, different from central airs that are usually stored away in the attic or basement, making them invisible.

Phoenix Leed

Easy installation & simple service

MIRAGE’s units are easy to install with little or no ductwork. They’re also designed for easy servicing. Although, with our industry-leading reliability record, you won’t have to worry much about that. Better yet, we’ve extended our warranties to five years on compressors and parts.

Revolutionizing Heat Pump.

Say goodbye to the older, inefficient heat pumps. With MIRAGE’s HVAC systems there is no cold air delivery. Larger coils heat faster, and the system doesn’t activate the fan until the desired temperature is reached so it never blows cold air. This improvement gives these models true year-round comfort from a single system. Even with this amazing cold weather performance, there are no energy consuming electric heating elements to increase your utility bills.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Our indoor units operate with sound levels starting as low as 19dB(A). A human whisper is louder than our mini splits.

Dual-Plus allergen filtration

MIRAGE’s advanced multi-stage filtration systems dramatically reduce allergens and help eliminate odors.

Eco-Friendly technology.

Eco-Friendly technology makes these systems smarter in how they use energy and minimize their impact on the environment. Plus there are many advanced features that automatically detect room temperature differences and adjust for greater comfort.

Phoenix Leed

Intelligent Control and Digital LED Display

With our integrated INTELLIGENT CONTROL system you can choose from a variety of functions and settings. The digital LED information display center of the indoor unit provides real-time information relative to the operation of the unit and the environment. It is also equipped with self-diagnostic microprocessor sensor.

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