Ductless mini split air conditioners are relatively new to North America. Nevertheless, they have been in use throughout Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East for many years. They have a multitude of residential and commercial applications. The most common residential applications are in multifamily housing or as retrofitted add-ons with hydronic or other non-ducted distribution systems. Commercially, they are well suited for use in climate-controlled environments such as server rooms. Ductless split systems combine the zoning flexibility of conventional room units with the whole house cooling potential of a central system. Furthermore, the installation is relatively fast and easy.

MIRAGE Mini split systems are easy and quick to install. They operate quietly. They are versatile and efficient and can be installed in a variety of zones. Integrated with the most reliable components available in the market. They are far more advanced than conventional air conditioning systems and provide added security (against intruders) as compared to window and through-wall type units. For these and other reasons, MIRAGE Mini Splits have become the preferred choice of many HVAC professionals worldwide.


Our mission is to create quality comfort for our customers with efficient high-tech systems.

Smart Warehouses

Mirage has 2 high capacity warehouses strategically located.

To meet the immediate needs of our clients 15,000 units are kept in stock at all times.

Your own Warehouse

All orders are shipped in a maximum of 48 hours, becoming the warehouse of our clients.

The technological tools used allow us to ensure that shipments are loaded in an efficient and timely manner.

Advanced Technology

Loading equipment has special attachments that prevent damage to equipment, in addition to highly qualified personnel to perform these operations.


Is a North American trade association of manufacturers of air conditioning, heating, and commercial refrigeration equipment. The organization performs political advocacy on behalf of its member industries, maintains technical standards, certifies products, shares data, conducts research, and awards scholarships.

Also by being The ETL Listed Mark is a proof that our product has been independently tested and meets the applicable published standard. Plus Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. As well as it contributes to creating eco-friendly environment.

HERO is an acronym that stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity energy-efficient upgrades for increased efficiency, comfort and savings.