1. Use Canvas Bags instead of plastic bags
2. Use cloth napkins instead of paper
3. Avoid disposable plates and utensils
4. End food waste (Buy only what you need)
5. Use smaller versions of traditional appliances
6. Opt for reusable water bottles
7. Install a low flow showerhead
8. Turn off the tap while you are not using it
9. Take shorter showers
10. Carpool
11. Recycle
12. Reduce your book print
13. Make your own cleaning supplies
14. Go paperless (Switch to electronic on everything you can)
15. Opt for organic or DIY beauty products
16. Start a compost pile
17. Take your own mug to the coffee shop
18. Get the junk out of your trunk (Extra weight can decrease fuel efficiency)
19. Use a bicycle when possible
20. Be energy wise: See how HERE.